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Suubi or not Suubi? That is the question

In 2015, the Canby Christian Church team joined hands in a large circle with members of Kacungwa Community Church and village leaders praying over the land and location that would become the Suubi Medical Center.  The church structure that was on the land served as a beachhead for Jesus to do the work that was ahead.  The unity of His people from around the world asked His blessing on the future work to be done through the clinic.  It was a powerful, significant and symbolic moment in time.

Over the next year, the clinic was constructed to the plans agreed to by all stakeholders.  The grand opening ceremony was planned and took place when our team from 2016 was in Kacungwa and a free clinic was held for the public.  As usually happens, the team of doctors, nurses and volunteers treated about 300 people per day.

The new clinic now stands as a shining light of hope on the hill and is the most beautiful building around.  From the main road going through the trading center, you can clearl…

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